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DERMA VEIL®Collagen Boost

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DERMA VEIL®Before & After


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The tender and plump skin of grapes is supported by the rich and watery flesh under the cortex, and the production of the flesh comes from the deeper core; similarly, the tender skin depends on the sufficient collagen in the dermis to produce collagen. The "core" of the fruit is the fibroblast. With age, collagen is greatly reduced due to the slowdown of fibroblast metabolism, and the supporting force gradually becomes loose, which becomes the main reason for skin aging. As a result, the skin sags, loses elasticity, wrinkles, and other problems.


In order to reverse the age of the skin and restore baby skin, DERMA VEIL® "3R micro-molecular collagen technology" penetrates into the dermis to activate and strengthen the production power of fibroblasts, so that collagen is proliferated, and the skin is plumped and tenderized from the inside and out, to create natural contours.

6 Features of DERMA VEIL

  •  FDA certified ISO7 level hygiene level, safe and effective

  • ​Macromolecular collagen and glycolic acid double collagen proliferation

  • ​The improved area can be used on all areas including the eyes, forehead, and face

  • ​Unique 3R (Reshape Rejuvenation Reverse) PLLA formula reverses skin age

  • ​​The effect will be seen 2-3 days after the first course of treatment, self-proliferation of collagen, restore skin plumpness

  • ​​The treatment effect can last up to 2 years, and the effect is natural


  • Is XEOMIN® right for me?
    XEOMIN® is a cosmetic treatment designed to reduce the aging process, it is effective against wrinkles such as frown lines, which are formed when facial expressions are made as the muscle under the skin contracts. Over time, as your skin ages, our repeated facial expressions cause lasting frown lines. Xeomin®, are prescribed medications that relax these muscle contractions so frown lines are softened. For more details, please sign up for a free consultation with our specialists to learn more information on how XEOMIN® Botulinum Toxin can help you optimize your appearance.
  • What can I expect from a XEOMIN® process?
    Before receiving XEOMIN® treatment, please explain your medical records and any drug sensitivity reactions to your doctor. The XEOMIN® treatment is simple and safe; the doctor will analyze the distribution of your lines and individual conditions and apply XEOMIN® pure botulinum toxin A Type product to the appropriate areas of the face. The entire treatment only takes about 10-15 minutes and leaves no clear traces after treatment. You can carry on your day right away.
  • How long does XEOMIN® last?
    The efficacy of XEOMIN® lasts up to 4 months.* As the effect fades away, wrinkles in the same area will slowly return to the condition before the treatment and will not be more obvious. It is recommended to repeat the XEOMIN® treatment after the treatment has worn off, depending on personal needs. Individual results may vary.
  • Will it cause muscle stiffness or plastic looking?
    XEOMIN® is an impurity-free* botulinum toxin type A product that works only on the area of the treatment, relaxing the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles and not affecting other areas or causing stiffness in the facial muscles. Please do consult our specialists for the optimal products to be used to avoid being overtreated, and use only FDA apporved products such as Xeomin. .
  • Does XEOMIN® have any side effects or drug resistance?
    XEOMIN® is only effective on the treatment area, and side effects are rare. Only a very small number of people may experience minor discomfort, including minor bruising, soreness or muscle weakness; but these discomforts are only temporary.
  • What to note after the treatment?
    After the treatment, you may use your skin care products as usual, but you should avoid excessive rubbing or pressing on the treatment area. Exercise and daily activities can be resumed as usual after treatment, but avoid leaning heavily and avoid drinking within 24 hours. Facials, massages and steam baths should not be performed for one week to avoid irritating the treatment area and affecting the healing effect.
  • When will I see results?
    While you may see results right away, they tend to appear gradually in the two to six months following your treatment.
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